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Can Kit Sizing & De...
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Can Kit Sizing & Design Support / Thwart Skill Development?


Chair of British Canoeing in Yorkshire & Humberside
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Daddy, how come she knows so much more about kayaking than you do? 🥳

Those are Corran Addison's son's words to his (legendary) father... and they capture the tone of this entertaining podcast in which we get lots of reflection on how kit and equipment design can support or thwart the development of skill.

In Marianne's words:

Corran Addison has always combined designing kit with using it. I wanted to find out more about his understanding of how his kit and equipment design was rooted in his unique perspectives on movement within his performance environments and of how design could support or thwart the development of skill by highlighting or dampening perception action coupling. We also talked about motivation, play and safe environments for developing confident, competent and happily active and adaptive youngsters.

Of course, being with Corran means we also get references to the movie "Deliverance" and to Aliens looking Humanoid - and (of course) to Designer Girlfriends - all in one stunning podcast 🤪🥳😍 

There's lots to chew on here - and fun stuff about paddling with kids - so feel free to just dive right into the Podcast:

Key question for kayakers and canoeists:

What might it mean for coaching if every boat is designed to work the way the designer likes when given the signals that the designer likes to give?

Beyond paddlesport, we've seen much of what Corran's talking about in other worlds - e.g. in tennis, where top players have historically had their rackets customised to work the way they like to work. Marianne opens more questions in this link.


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