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Craig Morris 'devel...
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Craig Morris 'developing adaptability' in athletes - UK Coaching podcast


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Craig's coaching has been attracting attention for all the right reasons. One of the most interesting elements of his work is his willingness to be brave and to embrace humility, to experiment, co-create and work with his athletes to develop.

In this podcast, Craig takes us on a journey of how he develops adaptive athletes.

Link to podcast

Developing Adaptability

Link to blog (subscription required)

Craig's conclusion: “It's a thoroughly exciting journey. But it can challenge the norms of some of the environments that you might be in and you can look a bit strange. I'm not saying this is the only way, but I certainly definitely screen my practice and say, “Is there a better way I could have done that in this (nonlinear) approach to learning, that I understand and can resonate with the most, before I go into any other more guided approach? Enjoy being curious and creative!”

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Time and again we hear things by coaches about coaches... but what really made me sit up was coming to Craig through the voices of those he had coached: through the slalom athletes who have talked so powerfully about taking responsibility for going on their own journey but with Craig at their side.  Listening to Craig on the back of those introductions then became a way of joining dots.

On that theme, see also this webinar recording - which features Craig.

What really comes out of this, for me, is the outlook, approach and ethos of coaches who really get the idea of being a "guide by the side" to those with whom they work. Starting a few seconds after the one hour mark, we get a question about "coaching the unknown" - and both responses are awesome. My challenge would be to consider pretty much all useful coaching as a case of "coaching the unknown" - to consider the possibility that we rarely, if ever, are in a situation where we know "the answer."

At the most basic level... where someone asks how they can do something... we're perhaps being asked to support the development of someone to the point where their intentions, focus of attention and calibration during action have all changed. Can we see any of these things? Can we know what that will feel like for the individual asking?

Craig's response is awesome - starting "I don't know, but I'm willing to find out, and will you help me and shall we go on this journey together?" and going into how that's great for developing a connection and getting into a place of trying things, making mistakes and shaping an environment when the coach and the person being coached are learning.

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