Appeals Procedure

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Appeals Procedure

Paddles Up Training   Appeals Procedure is in place for candidates who wish to  appeal against assessment decisions relating to Coaching, Leadership, and Personal Performance Qualifications and Awards.

These procedures do not cover the wider issues of dispute resolution, disciplinary action, doping, or child protection matters; further details of other such policies and procedures are available from your National Association.


It is the right of any candidate to have available to them an appeals procedure which gives them an opportunity to seek confirmation of an assessment decision affecting them. An appeal may be lodged on the basis that the candidate is; A. Dissatisfied with the conduct of the assessment B. Concerned about the adequacy of the range, nature and comprehensives of the evidence they are asked to produce, when set against the standards and evidence requirements C. Dissatisfied as to the adequacy of the opportunities offered in order to demonstrate competence D. Dissatisfied with the conduct of the assessor(s)

Appeal Applications

It is expected that in the majority of cases the candidate will raise the area of concern with the Assessor, in the hope that the matter can be amicably resolved between both parties. Where it is inappropriate that the Assessor be confronted with the concern or there is no amicable solution, the candidate should appeal in writing to the Delivery Centre where the assessment took place, within 28 calendar days of the assessment.

The following form should be used to lodge your appeal Appeals Form

Following receipt of appeal, the Delivery Centre Manager will nominate an appropriate person, or panel, to investigate. The appeal may be passed onto British Canoeing Awarding Body or one of the other Delivery Centres if it falls under their remit or if an officer of Paddles Up Training is implicated in the application.


In cases of appeals against assessment decisions, the appeals procedure will focus on whether the procedures used were consistent with the assessment guidance/ criteria and that these requirements were applied properly and fairly.

Appeal outcome

Appeals will be acknowledged within five working days of their receipt and payment.

Appeals will be considered within 28 calendar days.

The outcome of the appeal will be notified to the appellant in writing within three days of the decision having been reached. This notification will include the reason for the decision.

The outcome will be based on one of the following possibilities;

  1. The original decision is confirmed
  2. The assessment be carried out again, by the same or a different assessor
  3. The original decision be overturned and the evidence judged to be adequate

Independent review of unresolved appeals

If the first stage of the appeal process, outlined above, ends in a stalemate, the appellant can:

  • Request that the appeal is referred to British Canoeing Awarding Body for reconsideration.
  • This must take place within 28days of the original outcome.
  • British Canoeing Awarding Body decision will be final.


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