Course Candidate Guidance

Safety and Navigation Awards Equivalencies

BRITISH CANOEING AWARDING BODY SAFETY AND NAVIGATION AWARDS EQUIVALENCY There are a number of safety training awards available internationally that British Canoeing Awarding Body automatically recognises as equivalent for leadership and coaching course registration and assessment checkin without the need to formally apply for APL. You will need to provide a copy of your certificate…
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Special Consideration and Reasonable Adjustments

Paddles Up Training supports the promotion of paddlesport for people of all abilities and encourages them to take British Canoeing Awarding Body Personal Performance Awards, Safety training, Leadership Awards and Coaching Qualifications. This web page provides guidance to Tutors, Assessors and Providers on how they can best support people with special educational needs, disabilities, temporary…
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Polices for course candidates, providers, tutors, assessors. Accredited Prior Learning Appeals Procedure Candidate Registration Guidance Certification Guidance Complaints Procedure Conflict of Interest Policy Course Authorisation, Advertising and Results Submission Course Authorisation Terms and Conditions  Course Ratio/ Staffing Guidance Data Collection Guide Data Retention Chart Delivery Centre Fees Delivery Centre Fees (from January 2025) Equality and…
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Paddlesport Leader Award

Which qualification is right for me?

With the launch of a range of direct entry awards, clubs, centres and organisations may be wondering which qualification is right for the activities they run. This guidance will give you an overview of the options available to your paddlers wanting to start their journey on the qualification pathway. The Career Start or Develop Skills…
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Guide Module Leadership

Personal Performance Awards and the Leadership Pathway

Guidance for both paddlers and Providers The Personal Performance Awards are designed for paddlers wanting to gain recognition of their learning and development, in the craft and environment they choose. Although not compulsory, the NEW awards provide an appropriate guide of the personal skills required for the Leadership Awards. Paddlers are also able to gain…
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2 kayakers exploring a sheltered section of river

A stepping stone into Coaching & Leadership

As lots of paddlers prepare to become Instructors, Leaders and Coaches, the range of direct entry awards now available give you the choice of how you up skill your personal paddling ahead of the course to ensure you can focus on the course content. The Personal Performance Awards are a great stepping stone for those…
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Paddlesport Leader

5 reasons to become a Paddlesport Leader

Looking to lead mixed craft journeys on sheltered water? Then become a Paddlesport Leader! The Paddlesport Leader is aimed at paddlers taking on formal leadership responsibilities in benign, sheltered water environments and aims to support Leaders to run safe, quality, enjoyable trips based on their group’s needs and aspirations. 1. Available in any craft, from SUP to…
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Lady kayaker on a sit on top kayak

5 reasons to become a NEW Paddlesport Instructor

Still not made up your mind about becoming a Paddlesport Instructor? Here’s our top 5 reasons why you should! 1 – Supports you to run starter / taster sessions and games on  very sheltered water The Paddlesport Instructor award develops your skills to run starter / taster session for those new to paddlesport, games and…
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A group paddling inflatable pack rafts on a simple river trip

Reasonable Adjustments for Qualifications and Awards

At Paddles Up training we are fully committed to provide Equal Opportunities and our Reasonable Adjustments for Qualifications and Awards Policy is designed to support candidates. Policy Statement British Canoeing Awarding Body’s policy is to encourage inclusion and therefore avoid a separate system. Where a specific disability prevents a candidate from completing a particular part…
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Coaching Code of Conduct

Coaching Code of Conduct

The Coaching Code of Conduct incorporates the UK Coaching (formerly Sports Coach UK) Code of Practice for Sports Coaches. The code defines all that is best in good coaching practice. Regardless of the badge, qualification or title, the Code is relevant to us all. British Canoeing acknowledge and appreciate the contribution made by coaches throughout…
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Flat Water Freestyle Award

Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health First Aid courses accepted as CPD

We are pleased to share that we will now automatically be accepting Mental Health Awareness and Mental Health First Aid courses as CPD. We know that many Instructors, Coaches and Leaders already recognise the importance of mental health training. The training opportunities available help raise awareness of mental health and support you to be able…
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Paddlesport Leader

Supporting your journey to becoming a Paddlesport Leader or Paddlesport Touring Leader

There are a range of NEW resources that aspirant or existing Leaders can access to support your development journey from the comfort of your sofa. The Paddlesport Leader and Paddlesport Touring Leader are ideal for clubs, centres and activity providers who go on mixed craft journeys. From SUPs to canoes, kayaks and racing craft, you…
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A raft Guide and Crew paddling fast on flat water

Supporting your Raft Guide development journey

There are a range of NEW resources that aspirant and existing Raft Guides can access to support your development journey. Informal learning, experience based learning, and an availability of individualised choices are important to developing skilled Stadium Raft Guides, Raft Guides and River Trip Leaders. Whether you’ve been raft guiding for many years or are looking…
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Stand Up Paddleboard Coastal Leader Provider

Supporting your leadership development journey

There are a range of resources that aspirant and existing Leaders can access to support your development journey from the comfort of your sofa. Informal learning, experience based learning, and an availability of individualised choices are important to developing skilled leaders. Whether you’ve been leading trips for many years or are looking to complete your…
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view of the setting sun

The first Community of Learning event

Hear from Darren, who facilitated the first Performance Coach Community of Learning event in England. At the start of the Autumn, I was privileged enough to be part of the facilitation team for Paddles Up Training’s first ever Performance Coach Community of Learning event, hosted at the Mount Batten Centre in Plymouth. What a weekend…
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Choosing Your SUP Leash

Choosing Your SUP Leash!

If you use a Stand Up Paddleboard, choosing your SUP leash is a vital decision for your safety and that of your group when coaching and leading. It keeps you and your paddleboard together when things don’t go to plan. Choosing your SUP leash for the environment and conditions you are paddling in is essential.…
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Paddles Up. Person sea kayaking.

Working with Paddlers Worldwide

At Paddles Up Training we are really proud to be working with paddlers worldwide. We have seen a growth in international paddlers using British Canoeing Awarding Body Qualifications and Awards to support their development. British Canoeing Awarding Body recognise and are proud that their qualifications and awards are renowned worldwide and have an outstanding reputation.…
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We are Recruiting

Coach Award Check In

We aim to give you piece of mind through our Coach Award Check In Service. Our Coach Award Check In Service is free and ensures that you have all of your pre requisites for your Coach Award Assessment in place. ASSESSMENT CHECKIN The purpose of Coach Award Check In is to confirm you holds all…
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kayaker paddling in to the distance

Registration Guidance

Registration Guidance Anyone wishing to pursue a Coaching or Leadership Qualification is required to centrally register with their appropriate National Association. Our handy how to video guides you through the process! Registration is separate from booking a place on a course; the latter is done directly with the Course Provider. It is worth noting that…
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two kayakers giving the photographer a thumbs up

Choose the right safeguarding qualification

At Paddles Up Training, we want to ensure you choose the right safeguarding qualification. Paddle UK, Canoe Association of Northern Ireland, Canoe wales and Paddle Scotland are committed to safeguarding children and adults at risk. Therefore we want to help you understand your responsibility to safeguard children and adults at risk from harm and abuse.…
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How to choose the right First Aid qualification. First Aid Training Equipment

How to choose the right First Aid qualification

Knowing how to choose the right First Aid qualification can be daunting, Above all we want to support you to make the right choice. Therefore we want to help you understand your responsibility to keep your first aid skills current and in line with the type of paddling/ coaching or leading you do. Therefore considering…
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Slalom Performance Coach

Choosing a Mentor

Choosing a Mentor is an important decision, whilst working towards a Performance Coach Qualification your mentor will be your guide, critical friend as well as many other roles. What is a Mentor? Your Mentor plays a key role in your development to becoming a Performance Coach. They will be a critical friend, providing support and…
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Sheltered Water Kayak Perf Coach

Choosing a Coach Developer

Choosing a Coach Developer is an important decision, whilst this article is aimed at learners working towards a Performance Coach Qualification the advice is applicable to us all What is a Coach Developer? Coach Developers can have a variety of roles and support your development in many ways. Observing your practice, giving feedback, stimulating discussion…
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A typical classroom

Accreditation of Prior Learning

An application for Accreditation of Prior Learning can: Consider other nationally and internationally recognised professional awards. Recognise training and assessment schemes other than British Canoeing Awarding Body’s Allowing you to access your development pathway at the most appropriate point to you. You can submit an application using your membership portal and we recommend you read…
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Sea kayaker exploring overfalls on the coastline

Start your journey towards Performance Coach

The Performance Coach learning journey is fluid and personalised to every coach who undertakes the programme. This is an ideal programme for intrinsically driven, experienced coaches, who want to get better at coaching the paddlers they work with. The Learning Journey can be explored in more detail in the Performance Coach Course Guide. Check it’s…
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Paddle Ability Provider

Equal Opportunities

Paddles Up Training is fully committed to Equal Opportunities  and Fairness in Assessment. We are aim to ensure access to, and fairness in, assessment for all candidates regardless of their: Race Ethnic or national origin Gender Sexual orientation Disability Age Marital status Social class Political Religious beliefs Affiliations or other personal or professional characteristics PRINCIPLES…
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Two paddlers carrying a kayak

Complaints Procedure

Paddles Up Training Complaints Procedure Our goal is to give excellent service to all of our paddlers but we recognise that occasionally things do go wrong. We take all complaints we receive seriously, and aim to resolve any problems promptly. To ensure that we provide the kind of service you should expect of us; We welcome…
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Swimming Pools and Paddlesports

Appeals Procedure

Appeals Procedure Paddles Up Training   Appeals Procedure is in place for candidates who wish to  appeal against assessment decisions relating to Coaching, Leadership, and Personal Performance Qualifications and Awards. These procedures do not cover the wider issues of dispute resolution, disciplinary action, doping, or child protection matters; further details of other such policies and procedures…
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