Course Authorisation and Submitting Results

Course Authorisation and Results Submission

This article is to support you to submit Course Authorisation and Results Submission. Administration is rarely a paddlers favourite past time! However if a course is administered correctly, certificates can be with your learners before they get home! It is also an essential thing to get right and forms part of our governance. Playing your…
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What Qualification do my team need

What Qualification Do My Team Need?

Choosing the right qualification and/or training for your team can be quite daunting. If your looking for help as an individual try here:  Career Start or Develop Skills  Introduction Considering the right training for your team is really important, especially when you consider the type of activity you undertake and where it takes place. It…
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Paddlesport Leader Provider Moderation

Hear from Jenna, who recently ran the Paddlesport Leader Provider Moderation. A moderation event is a chance for British Canoeing Providers to make sure they are up to date with current best practices, share their knowledge and experiences of delivering the award and to get any niggling questions they may have answered. For British Canoeing,…
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Group of paddlers standing around a coach.

Coach Award Check In

We aim to give you piece of mind through our Coach Award Check In Service. Our Coach Award Check In Service is free and ensures that you have all of your pre requisites for your Coach Award Assessment in place. ASSESSMENT CHECKIN The purpose of Coach Award Check In is to confirm you holds all…
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kayaker paddling in to the distance

Registration Guidance

Registration Guidance Anyone wishing to pursue a Coaching or Leadership Qualification is required to centrally register with their appropriate National Association. These are British Canoeing, Scottish Canoe Association, Canoe Wales, or Canoe Association of Northern Ireland. Registration is separate from booking a place on a course; the latter is done directly with the Course Provider.…
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Sea Kayaker negotiating a tidal race

Coastal Sea Kayak Award Goes Global

Hear from Ronny, who’s has been running the Personal Performance Awards in Norway. I was looking forward to running the Coastal Sea Kayak Award but was also a little bit unsure how to run this award as it is new to me. I’ve now run two Coastal Sea Kayak Awards, one of them during the…
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two kayakers giving the photographer a thumbs up

Choose the right safeguarding qualification

At Paddles Up Training, we want to ensure you choose the right safeguarding qualification. British Canoeing, Canoe Association of Northern Ireland, Canoe wales and the Scottish Canoe Association are committed safeguarding children and adults at risk. Therefore we want to help you understand your responsibility to safeguard children and adults at risk from harm and…
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Sea kayakers in a bay resting

Sea Kayaking in Norway

Hear from Maria, who’s completed the Sea Kayak Award in Norway I started paddling two years ago when I started studying at Stend Sports & Outdoor College in Bergen, the west coast of Norway. My teachers taught me the basics of paddling. To get the point I am at today, I’ve learned a lot about…
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Sea kayaker paddling out through waves

Sea Kayak Award Goes Global

Hear from Adriana, who’s completed the NEW Sea Kayak Award in Greece I was first introduced to paddling 6 years ago and fell in love with sea kayaking straight away. It’s a great way to explore and connect with nature, to relax and recharge the batteries. I usually go on day trips and on occasions…
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2 white water kayakers resting in an eddy

Hear from Penelope who’s been running the Paddle Awards and White Water Award 

One of the things I like best about the Personal Performance Awards is the emphasis put on new paddlers to be a bit more responsible for themselves. So for the Paddle Start Award, we have youngsters collecting their own kit and checking fittings. We have already discussed safety at the site we use and got…
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How to choose the right First Aid qualification. First Aid Training Equipment

How to choose the right First Aid qualification

Knowing how to choose the right First Aid qualification can be daunting, Above all we want to support you to make the right choice. Therefore we want to help you understand your responsibility to keep your first aid skills current and in line with the type of paddling/ coaching or leading you do. Therefore considering…
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strawberries, kiwis and other assorted fruit

Supporting your Nutrition

From recreational paddlers to elite athletes, how we fuel our paddles, trips and races is important for everyone. The British Canoeing Digital Library has lots of resources focused on nutrition and hydration but here’s our top picks. Take this opportunity to explore the resources so you can be prepared next time you’re out on the…
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Slalom Performance Coach

Choosing a Mentor

Choosing a Mentor is an important decision, whilst working towards a Performance Coach Qualification your mentor will be your guide, critical friend as well as many other roles. What is a Mentor? Your Mentor plays a key role in your development to becoming a Performance Coach. They will be a critical friend, providing support and…
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Sheltered Water Kayak Perf Coach

Choosing a Coach Developer

Choosing a Coach Developer is an important decision, whilst this article is aimed at learners working towards a Performance Coach Qualification the advice is applicable to us all What is a Coach Developer? Coach Developers can have a variety of roles and support your development in many ways. Observing your practice, giving feedback, stimulating discussion…
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A typical classroom

Accreditation of Prior Learning

An application for Accreditation of Prior Learning can: Consider other nationally and internationally recognised professional awards. Recognise training and assessment schemes other than British Canoeing’s Allowing you to access your development pathway at the most appropriate point to you. You can submit an application using your membership portal and we recommend you read the APL…
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Open Canoe paddler on a still piece of water

NEW Introduction to Paddlesport eLearning to support your new paddlers

  British Canoeing Awarding Body is pleased to introduce the NEW Introduction to Paddlesport eLearning! This is a great tool for anyone introducing new people to the water and can support your delivery. Share this resource with your paddlers so they know some of the key information before they get onto the water. Topics include equipment,…
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Canoe and Kayak paddlers practising in a harbour

From Paddle Explore to Paddlesport Instructor

Fiona talks us through her journey from Paddle Explore to becoming a Paddlesport Instructor. I was fortunate enough to have completed the Paddle Explore Award as part of my work, and I had been grabbing every opportunity to spend time on the water.  When my twin boys started at Cowes Sea Cadets, I volunteered to be…
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Sea kayaker exploring overfalls on the coastline

Start your journey towards Performance Coach

The Performance Coach learning journey is fluid and personalised to every coach who undertakes the programme. This is an ideal programme for intrinsically driven, experienced coaches, who want to get better at coaching the paddlers they work with. During this period of social distancing, there are elements of the journey that you can start from…
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Sea Kayakers prepping for a journey

Choosing The Right First Aid Training For Your Team

Choosing the right First Aid training for your team can be quite daunting, especially as it is no longer a necessity for first aid training to be approved by the Health & Safety Executive. This gives businesses, organisations and clubs more freedom to choose a first aid course that is more reflective of your needs.…
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Paddle Ability Provider

Equal Opportunities

Paddles Up Training is fully committed to Equal Opportunities  and Fairness in Assessment. We are aim to ensure access to, and fairness in, assessment for all candidates regardless of their: Race Ethnic or national origin Gender Sexual orientation Disability Age Marital status Social class Political Religious beliefs Affiliations or other personal or professional characteristics PRINCIPLES…
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Two paddlers carrying a kayak

Complaints Procedure

Paddles Up Training Complaints Procedure Our goal is to give excellent service to all of our paddlers but we recognise that occasionally things do go wrong. We take all complaints we receive seriously, and aim to resolve any problems promptly. To ensure that we provide the kind of service you should expect of us; We welcome…
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Touring kayakers taking a break

Exploring at Tittesworth Water Sports and Activity Centre

Hear from Paul, who has been delivering the Paddle Explore Award at Tittesworth Water Sports Centre. Running the NEW Explore Award has been an exciting challenge, particularly when there are a variety of craft types. At first, it was a challenge when performing a session from one craft to three other types of craft which…
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Coach Self Analysis Tool and Provider Resources.

5 ways to develop your skills from home

With a range of social restrictions still in place, there’s never been a better time to develop your skills from home. Aimed at Instructors, Coaches, Leaders and Guides, our suggestions will enable you to gather knowledge and grow your skills. Delve into the digital library This FREE online tool includes loads of resources to support…
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Open Water Canoe Coach

Assessing Qualification: Sceptical about starting yours?

Hear from Trace King, who was sceptical about completing his Assessing Qualification. He has now gone on to successfully complete a Level 3 in Assessing Vocationally Related Achievement (RQF). If you’re a new British Canoeing Provider or have been put off from applying due to the Tutor/Assessor qualification requirement for some roles, you may be…
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Sea Kayaker rock hopping

Choosing Appropriate CPD

Choosing Appropriate CPD As an Instructor, Coach, Leader or Guide you will recognise the importance of keeping up to date. This can involve maintaining or updating your knowledge and skills to reflect current best practice in paddlesport. It can also involve ensuring you have the personal skills and fitness levels to be able to coach,…
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Explore the FREE British Canoeing eLearning

Now is a great opportunity to take the time and explore the range of FREE eLearning that British Canoeing offers. There are a range of packages suitable for paddlers, parents, instructors, coaches and leaders but here are our top picks! Buoyage This fun activity gives you lots of information about the different types of buoys. Once you’ve…
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Lone Kayaker exploring

Exploring with Ribble Canoe Club

Ribble Canoe Club have embedded the Personal Performance Awards into their club structure for new and existing paddlers. Watch this short video to find out how your club can include the awards in your sessions. Alternatively, check out the downloads below to hear from Stuart and Wendy who completed the Paddle Explore Award. Start your…
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Paddlers Practising and playing games

Keeping up to date

Keeping up to date is vital. British Canoeing Awarding Body and Paddles Up considers it best practice for Instructors, Coaches, Leaders and Guides. By undertaking regular development you ensure you’re giving your paddlers the best support. Paddles Up Training Courses are a great way to develop; Firstly our courses are recognised by British Canoeing for…
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Guide Endorsement

Become an Endorsed Guide

Why become an Endorsed Guide? Guide Endorsement is aimed at  leaders, who are involved in guiding activity, particularly those working within Adventure Tourism and Commercially. Your endorsement  supports and recognises your experience and that you have developed the  skills required to fulfil a guiding role. Looking for an Endorsed Guide? Then open the finder right…
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Using webinars for training. Image of laptop and people using it.

Using Webinars for Training

Using Webinars for Training Using webinars for training offers organisations, presenters and learners/delegates alike some great opportunities for sharing information. It can offer solutions that are both more efficient and environmentally friendly. Without travel it becomes possible to meet with people from all over your organisation without incurring large travel and time costs. With careful…
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