Paddlesport Leader

Supporting your journey to becoming a Paddlesport Leader or Paddlesport Touring Leader

There are a range of NEW resources that aspirant or existing Leaders can access to support your development journey from the comfort of your sofa. The Paddlesport Leader and Paddlesport Touring Leader are ideal for clubs, centres and activity providers who go on mixed craft journeys. From SUPs to canoes, kayaks and racing craft, you…
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A raft Guide and Crew paddling fast on flat water

Supporting your Raft Guide development journey

There are a range of NEW resources that aspirant and existing Raft Guides can access to support your development journey. Informal learning, experience based learning, and an availability of individualised choices are important to developing skilled Stadium Raft Guides, Raft Guides and River Trip Leaders. Whether you’ve been raft guiding for many years or are looking…
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Stand Up Paddleboard Coastal Leader Provider

Supporting your leadership development journey

There are a range of NEW resources that aspirant and existing Leaders can access to support your development journey from the comfort of your sofa. Informal learning, experience based learning, and an availability of individualised choices are important to developing skilled leaders. Whether you’ve been leading trips for many years or are looking to complete…
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stock image of a laptop

What is Catch Up with Coaching?

Catch Up with Coaching is a monthly eNewsletter aimed at Instructors, Coaches, Leaders and Guides from across the UK and internationally. Sent from British Canoeing Awarding Body, the eNewsletter is designed to be an informative resource. It includes key information, updates and changes as well as resources to support your learning and development. Catch Up…
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view of the setting sun

The first Community of Learning event

Hear from Darren, who facilitated the first Performance Coach Community of Learning event in England. At the start of the Autumn, I was privileged enough to be part of the facilitation team for Paddles Up Training’s first ever Performance Coach Community of Learning event, hosted at the Mount Batten Centre in Plymouth. What a weekend…
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Using webinars for training. Image of laptop and people using it.

Keeping Your Records Up To Date!

With such a great sport, likeminded people and a beautiful environment to explore, keeping your records up to date! is probably the last thing on your mind! However as an Helm,  Instructor, Coach, Leader or Guide we know you understand the importance of keeping things up to date. In this article we explore a few…
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A Paddlesport Leader looking after their group

The New Paddlesport Touring Leader

At Paddles Up Training we are really excited about the launch of British Canoeing Awarding Body’s NEW Leadership Awards! But the Paddlesport Touring Leader has really caught our eye, lets explore why! Why Is The New Paddlesport Touring Leader A Game Changer? It’s all about deployability for me! Darryll Shaw – Paddles Up Training Delivery…
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Choosing Your SUP Leash

Choosing Your SUP Leash!

If you use a Stand Up Paddleboard, choosing your SUP leash is a vital decision for your safety and that of your group when coaching and leading. It keeps you and your paddleboard together when things don’t go to plan. Choosing your SUP leash for the environment and conditions you are paddling in is essential.…
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Becoming A Provider - Paperwork!

Becoming A Provider – Paperwork!

So make a coffee, settle down and lets explore Becoming A Provider – Paperwork! When you start to consider becoming a provider there are a lots of things to consider: Prerequisites Application process Orientation/ training course requirements Working alongside or observing existing providers Who can advise or mentor you through the process? These are just…
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introduction slide for the Guide module, showing online delivery

Guiding your learning online

Hear from Matt, who’s started delivering the Guide Modules online during the pandemic. Just like every other outdoor provider, the Covid-19 crisis had a profound effect on our coaching business ‘Kayak Essentials’. With all courses cancelled during the busiest time of the year, we were left pondering what to do. We had already started to…
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Hear from Fabiola, on her journey to become a Canoe and Kayak Coach

I am an Assistant Cubs Leader with the Sea Scouts, mum of two busy and active kids (also Sea Scouts), outdoor swimmer and generally love all water sports. I wanted to help coach our young Cubs and Scouts on the water. It’s a great way to have fun, build confidence and fitness, as well as…
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Racing Coach

Challenge Cards

Slalom and Flatwater Racing Challenge Card Resource Challenge cards are a playful, creative resource designed to support coach and paddler development across  Canoe Slalom and Flatwater Racing. Available as a free online resource or for purchase as physical cards. You can access the Challenge Cards: Here Flexible in nature, your learners learn by doing! Over…
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Paddles Up. Person sea kayaking.

Working with Paddlers Worldwide

At Paddles Up Training we are really proud to be working with paddlers worldwide. We have seen a growth in international paddlers using British Canoeing Awarding Body Qualifications and Awards to support their development. British Canoeing Awarding Body recognise and are proud that their qualifications and awards are renowned worldwide and have an outstanding reputation.…
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A close up of the back of one women sitting in her sea kayak as another female sea kayaker paddles towards her

Sea Kayaking with Totnes Canoe Club

Julie is a very busy lady. Chairperson at Totnes Canoe Club, British Canoeing #ShePaddles Ambassador, on her journey to becoming a Performance Coach and recently became an Advanced Sea Kayak Leader. Here she shares the story of a day out on the water for 4 Totnes Canoe Club members, who gained their Sea Kayak Award.…
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a man standing on a SUP, on a white water river

Hear from Callum, on his journey to become a SUP white water Coach

My first experience at white water SUP’ing was in July 2019 at Llangollen. Myself and Aaron went to the Stand Up Paddleboard UK festival. What we didn’t realise was that we had entered into the competition that went along with it. During that competition, I managed to surprise myself by coming second in the B…
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a man on a stand up paddleboard on a white water river

Aaron shares his white water SUP journey

For me, my SUP journey started back in 2015 with the introduction of the SUP Discipline Support Module provided by Phil Hadley (there’s a might be a theme building here …). Since then its been lots of flat water paddling, predominantly providing hundreds of taster sessions and sheltered water development courses. I’ve mostly been self-exploring…
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Cian becomes youngest Paddlesport Instructor on his 14th birthday

Congratulations to the newly qualified Paddlesport Instructors at Merchant Taylors’ School Watersports Centre, which includes Cian who becomes the youngest after completing the course on his 14th birthday. Hear from Ian, who organised the Paddlesport Instructor course… Six of our most experienced kayakers qualified as Instructors last weekend as Joe returned to deliver a two…
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Six FSRT Providers sit on their craft on the water, discussing best practice.

Providers back on the water for FSRT Moderation

Hear from Andy, who recently ran a FSRT Provider Moderation at Lee Valley White Water Centre, following the Governments latest guidelines. The event was run in two groups with Alex and I each working with two socially-distanced pairs of Providers. The entire course was run outside – at the waterfront or on the water. Rain…
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Course Authorisation and Submitting Results

Course Authorisation and Results Submission

This article is to support you to submit Course Authorisation and Results Submission. Administration is rarely a paddlers favourite past time! However if a course is administered correctly, certificates can be with your learners before they get home! It is also an essential thing to get right and forms part of our governance. Playing your…
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What Qualification do my team need

What Qualification Does My Team Need?

Choosing the right qualification and/or training for your team can be quite daunting. If your looking for help as an individual try here:  Career Start or Develop Skills  Introduction Considering the right training for your team is really important, especially when you consider the type of activity you undertake and where it takes place. It…
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Paddlesport Leader Provider Moderation

Hear from Jenna, who recently ran the Paddlesport Leader Provider Moderation. A moderation event is a chance for British Canoeing Awarding Body Providers to make sure they are up to date with current best practices, share their knowledge and experiences of delivering the award and to get any niggling questions they may have answered. For…
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We are Recruiting

Coach Award Check In

We aim to give you piece of mind through our Coach Award Check In Service. Our Coach Award Check In Service is free and ensures that you have all of your pre requisites for your Coach Award Assessment in place. ASSESSMENT CHECKIN The purpose of Coach Award Check In is to confirm you holds all…
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kayaker paddling in to the distance

Registration Guidance

Registration Guidance Anyone wishing to pursue a Coaching or Leadership Qualification is required to centrally register with their appropriate National Association. These are British Canoeing, Scottish Canoe Association, Canoe Wales, or Canoe Association of Northern Ireland. Our handy how to video guides you through the process! Registration is separate from booking a place on a…
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Sea Kayaker negotiating a tidal race

Coastal Sea Kayak Award Goes Global

Hear from Ronny, who’s has been running the Personal Performance Awards in Norway. I was looking forward to running the Coastal Sea Kayak Award but was also a little bit unsure how to run this award as it is new to me. I’ve now run two Coastal Sea Kayak Awards, one of them during the…
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two kayakers giving the photographer a thumbs up

Choose the right safeguarding qualification

At Paddles Up Training, we want to ensure you choose the right safeguarding qualification. British Canoeing, Canoe Association of Northern Ireland, Canoe wales and the Scottish Canoe Association are committed to safeguarding children and adults at risk. Therefore we want to help you understand your responsibility to safeguard children and adults at risk from harm…
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Sea kayaker Leader (non tidal)

Sea Kayaking in Norway

Hear from Maria, who’s completed the Sea Kayak Award in Norway I started paddling two years ago when I started studying at Stend Sports & Outdoor College in Bergen, the west coast of Norway. My teachers taught me the basics of paddling. To get the point I am at today, I’ve learned a lot about…
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Sea kayaker paddling out through waves

Sea Kayak Award Goes Global

Hear from Adriana, who’s completed the NEW Sea Kayak Award in Greece I was first introduced to paddling 6 years ago and fell in love with sea kayaking straight away. It’s a great way to explore and connect with nature, to relax and recharge the batteries. I usually go on day trips and on occasions…
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2 white water kayakers resting in an eddy

Hear from Penelope who’s been running the Paddle Awards and White Water Award 

One of the things I like best about the Personal Performance Awards is the emphasis put on new paddlers to be a bit more responsible for themselves. So for the Paddle Start Award, we have youngsters collecting their own kit and checking fittings. We have already discussed safety at the site we use and got…
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How to choose the right First Aid qualification. First Aid Training Equipment

How to choose the right First Aid qualification

Knowing how to choose the right First Aid qualification can be daunting, Above all we want to support you to make the right choice. Therefore we want to help you understand your responsibility to keep your first aid skills current and in line with the type of paddling/ coaching or leading you do. Therefore considering…
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strawberries, kiwis and other assorted fruit

Supporting your Nutrition

From recreational paddlers to elite athletes, how we fuel our paddles, trips and races is important for everyone. The British Canoeing Awarding Body Digital Library has lots of resources focused on nutrition and hydration but here’s our top picks. Take this opportunity to explore the resources so you can be prepared next time you’re out…
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