What Qualification Does My Team Need?

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Choosing the right qualification and/or training for your team can be quite daunting.

If your looking for help as an individual try here:  Career Start or Develop Skills 


Considering the right training for your team is really important, especially when you consider the type of activity you undertake and where it takes place.

It can be confusing as as there are lots of options!

This article will support you getting started but you should also consider British Canoeing Awarding Body’s Environmental Definitions and Deployment Guidance and any guidance, legislation or requirements of the country where you reside and/ or the activity takes place.

Training Considerations

A great starting point is to consider what it is you actually want to do. The needs of a club introducing paddlers to Sprint Racing can be very different to an organisation hiring paddlesport equipment or guiding trips where skill development is not the focus.

Generally if your looking at Paddlesports Skill Development we would recommend a coaching qualification.

If your looking at Supervision, Guiding, Chaperoning we would recommend a leadership qualification.

If your team interchange and work with different members or clients then combining qualifications can work well.

For example:  A team member with Paddlesport Instructor and Paddlesport Leader qualification has received training and proven competence:

  • Looking after paddlers in sheltered water and very sheltered water conditions
  • Have received training in the skills necessary to introduce paddlesport through games with aims and develop paddling skills.
  • Trained and assessed to mange a groups needs, tailor activities to meet various aims and learning outcomes.
  • Assessed in the necessary personal skills to be efficient and keep themselves and others safe on and near the water.

Deployment Considerations

Broadly speaking Paddlesport Instructors need support, this may be through procedures, team teaching, direct or in direct supervision.

PaddlesportInstructorMay requiresome or all of:-Safe Systems of Work-Site Specific Training-Supervision
PaddlesportInstructorMay requiresome or all of:-Safe Systems of Work-Site Specific Training-Supervision

Coaches, Performance Coaches and Leaders have been assessed to be more independent, however we still recommend that they still receive on-boarding or induction training until settled in to the new working environment.

Coach AwardPerformance CoachPaddlesport LeaderIndependantorDeployed
Coach AwardPerformance CoachPaddlesport LeaderIndependantorDeployed


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